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About us

Evolve Technologies is a startup started in the year 2023, with a dream of creating employments for young talents and serve clients by offering hands-on care, individualized attention and services crafted just for our customer needs with overall leadership experience of 40+ years focusing on Managed Services and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management.

As we like to say, “Our Service is Personal”. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal

In the area of Managed Services, Evolve Technologies specialize in processes related to Fleet Management, Title Abstraction, Background Verification and Payroll Processing.

In the area of HealthCare, Evolve Technologies specializes in Revenue Cycle Management services to Physician groups, Hospitals & Independent Laboratories. With over 25 years of overall leadership experience, our highly trained professionals are committed to maximizing your overall bottom line.

As an extension of your business office, we know the importance of transparency and effective communication to all involved, while providing kind and compassionate customer service.

Experience so far



Managed Services

Managed services are specialized and knowledge based. They rely on highly trained human talent with unique skill sets and advanced technologies. This reduces costs and transforms and improves the process of doing business. These solutions represent an investment in a company’s overall intellectual capability.

Evolve Technologies’ Managed Services offers global customers with a wide range of knowledge-based services, among various industry verticals. We bring in customization and increase the value proposition to help enterprises reduce design-to-market lead times. We achieve this with our large and talented pool of employees well versed in latest business processes and best practices.

We work with various industry verticals in collecting and organizing data to provide actionable insights. Our research team help decision makers address the most pressing business challenges by providing answers backed by data. We work with companies to track productivity by providing good reporting mechanisms and quality analysis.

Background Screening

Criminal Verification


Education & Employment Verification

Financial Accounting

Payroll Management

Reconciliation Services

Account Payable & Receivables

Title Services

Current Owner Search

Two Owner Search

Deed Search

Open Mortgage Search

Full Search

Update/Data down Search

Tax Search

County Tax Search

Standard Tax Search

Delinquency Tax Search

Utility Tax Search

Municipal Lien Tax Search

Estimate Tax Search

Fleet Management Service

Driver Compliance (Driver Log Verification & Driver Document Indexing)

Trip Permits

IFTA Fuel Tax

Revenue Cycle Management

There are no steps in billing process that’s more important than any other and we apply our formula of attention to detail, rigorous double checking, and the human touch to each one. We guarantee first pass claim acceptance of 95% or better.

Choosing a revenue cycle management company should not be a question of cost alone but also value. It is about dependability, security and working with responsive, forward-thinking experts. Partnering with Evolve Technologies achieves all three.

Evolve Technologies is ready to provide the depth of revenue cycle services you want and eager to deliver the breadth of solutions your organization and health system needs today and into the future.



  • Insurance Eligibility & Benefits Check
  • Prior Authorization Check
  • Coding & Code Validation
  • Claims Management & Billing
    Insurance Billing
    Patient Billing
  • Denials, Rejections & Appeal Management
  • Patient Statements & Reminders
  • Patient Calls (Incoming & Outgoing)
  • A/R Management & Collections
    Insurance AR
    Patient AR
  • Credentialing
    Payor Enrollment
    EDI Enrolment
  • Underpayment Analysis & Recovery
  • Payment Posting & Reconciliation



With a smaller company, each client is very important, so we take the time to understand the nuances and intricacies of your practice to make sure no claim is untouched. Our approach is hands-on with every service, every step of the way. We do not believe in applying one-size-fits-all solution or protocols to our clients and we tailor our services to your needs.

“Our Service is Personal”. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal

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Contact us


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